Friday, June 5, 2009

Hedgehogal Honesty

Frankly, I don't like when people call it "That Sonic the Hedgehog shit". I find it offensive, as it disregards the truth I find in it. It ain't even truth I find. The truth it IS. It pisses me off when people take my blunt honesty as a form of "marketing genius". I've pimped myself exactly 9 times, only to be pimped exactly 32 times. And that's only in the video game realm. Real shit, I'm tired of being played like I'm some creature who just runs. I run, only to prevent any further confrontation. When I get my back against the wall, it's ugly.

Very ugly.

Make the separation if you want between me and Charles. We are who we are, and we're fucking nice about it. Me getting upset (yeah, me) is never a good thing. And I want my pacifism to be respected. That is all.

"This Perfect Life" is coming out on or around my 18th birthday. A gift that Charles sees as an album, but I see as an honor. I love that man, no homo for you homos. We're won. He's the one. But we are WON. In victory comes remorse for the people we had to annihilate to get to the position we're in. Remorse and regret are two different things. I've been spiked, crushed, burned, hit with sh1t, all that.

At this point, I'm not jumping on robots. I'm aiming for the developer of the technology that allows their circuits to continue the electric bloodstream rush.

And I'm not even mad right now. Just wanted to get shit clear.

Back to my silently loud self.

Show some fucking respect to your boy.

Sonic the Sonic is the REAL name. Hedgehog was me being modest. That, plus I look like one. And StS isn't as cool as StH.

But chill.



  1. I understand it honestly, most people won't at first tho, so they gotta actually look into it to see what you believe in actually makes sense.

  2. sts>>>>

    but sonic if you can get in hold of your partner charles....

    please tell him theirs a bunch of starchasers are waiting and anticipating his return...

    and we hope that it will be soon...

    tell him whatever hes going through will get better...

    and that some people really care about him...